Every girl wants to live a satisfying life, filled with purpose. This is not a calling for the passive. Imagine flying an airplane and deciding to turn off the propeller for a nap. You're suddenly awakened as your plane is tossed amid the turbulent winds, too late to correct the pull of gravity, dashing your plane to pieces as it hits the earth. In the same way, if you aren't alert and actively rising above the winds and turbulence in your own life, you will be shaken and tossed about by the opposing winds of the world, and your life will end in a wreck as you begin plummeting down towards earth. There is no middle ground. This book will show you how you can live an unshakable and victorious life for the Lord, soaring to new heights with Him, when many people you know can't even get off the ground. And maybe...just maybe, when you find your wings, you can also help those people you know begin to take flight as well.