"The Sky Family is a top-notch group of musicians. Like most accomplished artists many of the members play more than just one instrument and in the studio and on the road. They trade off their roles on the strings, the brass, the woodwinds, the keyboards, the drums, and of course, the vocals. Whichever member of The Sky Family is holding down the position on whatever instrument, time after time, their performance is well polished.

According to their press release this is the 10th year in a row that The Sky Family has gone out on tour and journeyed north to south, as well as coast to coast, across Canada and the USA. Like the traveling revival shows of long ago they’ll stop and play anywhere they’re welcomed, and apparently the money doesn’t matter. It’s increasingly rare in this day and age that it’s about the love for what you do and not about the monetary rewards. Isn’t this what a true artist is supposed to be about? I’d say so.trio

“Celtic Revival!”, the title of their current album, tells it like it is. Half the album is dedicated to the Sky’s Christian values and beliefs. The other half is finely crafted folk, world, rock and pop performances. The only non-blood related member of the ensemble is their drummer, Dan Brocke. The rest of the clan includes daughter Miriam, sons Gabe, Joel and Seth, and their father, Tom. Collectively they offer masterful performances on violins, guitars, keyboards, various percussion, horns and reed instruments. They are also gifted with angelic voices that shine when solo and blend naturally in harmony.

During their live appearances various family members come out from behind their respected musical instrument and step-dance with well rehearsed precision on stage. From the videos I’ve enjoyed of these shows the joy and satisfaction they derive from the Irish dance is never hidden on their faces and movements. It’s a pleasure to behold.

Top tunes from “Celtic Revival!” include “Let Everything That Has Breath”, “The Cossack”, “Who Is Like Him” and “Facing The Gale”. Tallying up to more than a dozen songs in all They Sky Family is certainly not stingy where it comes to sharing what they love and it’s a love that radiates in track after track from beginning to end. It’s what great music is meant to be. Just have a listen for free and hear it yourself , because with the Sky Family, it’s not all about the money."

Ralph White

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