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From the Canadian coasts of Prince Edward Island, the Sky Family writes and plays the songs that they the kindly share with the world. “Celtic Revival!” manages to capture and convey just how much fun they have doing this. Clocking in at just under an hour the seventeen tracks that make up this collection range from meditative to manic and if you happen to be a hoofer who enjoys a spot of step dancing every now and then, then this is definitely a CD you’ll want to have around the next time you’re in the mood to trip the light fantastic.

The six instrumental and eleven lyrical tunes on this Sky Family LP are thoughtfully sequenced to keep your ears happy and your spirits high. You’ll find yourself humming along to “Blossom” and your feet a’ tapping to “Eye of the Storm” and “Facing the Gale”. Reaching for anthemic heights “Let Every That Has Breath” doesn’t let you down with its stout lead vocals and angelic backing harmonies.

The Sky Family is no stranger to the road and the Canadian combo is on tour throughout the year. As of late they’ve staged performances along the Atlantic coast. While here in the States they’ve made stops in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, and Vermont. Three of the Sky Family kids, the 2 sons and the daughter, make up the dance troupe that’s the added attraction at their shows.

They’ve also shot some fairly impress videos that you can find on YouTube. These folks are the epitome of the DIY movement in the entertainment field. Why some record company hasn’t already signed them remains a mystery to me. This is an act that has cross marketing possibilities and platinum potential written all over it. The Sky Family does a little of everything and they do it well indeed. What do you A&R people need - an engraved invitation?


Tyron Sean,

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