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"The Sky Family Flies High On Celtic Revival!" Music Industry News

~ "The Sky Family knows what they're doing and do it extremely well." Chicago Tribune (read full story)

~ "It’s what great music is meant to be. Just have a listen for free and hear it yourself." Hot Indie News (read full story)

~ "it’s the pretty voice of Miriam Sky, her stand out performance on the song “Blossom” is exceptional. Sputnik (read full story)

~ "Standout vocal tracks on "Celtic Revival!" include "Who Is Like Him" and "Blossom", which feature Miriam's lilting mezzo-soprano voice. This young lady certainly gives singers like Dolores O'Roirdan (The Cranberries) a run for their melodic money." Chicago Tribune (read full story)

~ "These folk know how to rock out with their kilts on." No Fly Zone (read full story)

~ "This is an act that has cross marketing possibilities and platinum potential written all over it. The Sky Family does a little of everything and they do it well indeed." Music Industry News (read full story)
~ Exclusive interview with the SKYS    Hot Indie News (read full story)

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