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To join the wake-up call that the Bridegroom is indeed coming and that it is time to "Wash our robes that we might have the right to the Tree of Life." -Rev.22:14 That we and all those who truly love God might forsake the passing pleasures and distractions of the present world and cleave to our Master Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom. That God might raise up for Himself a spotless bride redeemed by His blood who will look neither to the right nor to the left but have their face set like flint for the New Jerusalem.


- We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Living God.
- That Jesus is equal to and is Himself God with His Father and the Holy Spirit.
- That Jesus came in the form of a man being both fully human and fully God and offered Himself as a sacrifice on behalf of mankind that whoever would repent and believe in Him would be made a child of God.
- That His salvation consists of being forgiven of sin (justification) and being cleansed of sin (sanctification) and it is a work which is accomplished only by the grace of God not any merit of our own.
- We believe that after death there are places of reward and punishment for those who receive His salvation or reject His salvation.
- We believe that God is calling to Himself those from every tribe, tongue, nation, and denomination.
- We encourage local church commitment and allow each believer to decide what emphasis to place on modern day spiritual gifts.