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What is Unashamed Ministries?

A non-profit ministry established to assist those of all Christian denominations who desire to have an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 501(c) non-profit religious organization


Who is it for?

Anyone whose goal is to love God more than anything else in the world.


How does it work?

Unashamed Ministries has several branches:


Unashamed Institute A two-year, four-semester program of study available at our Ministry Headquarters or via e-mail and correspondence. *Summer semester study program at our beautiful headquarters in Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.*


Fellowship of the Unashamed A commitment to lay aside worldly entertainment and distractions for one year in order to pursue God with all diligence in prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and outreach.


E-mail Bible Study If you e-mail us we'll send you the Unashamed Ministries weekly Bible study. Many have been encouraged by these studies and print them off to give to friends.


Monthly Newsletter Keep current on the Celtic Revival concert schedule as well as all the monthly activities. Available by mail or e-mail.